General Info

General Information

Bhutan is a tiny, remote and impoverished kingdom nestling in the Himalayas between its powerful neighbours, India and China. The country has become famous place for the Visitors. The Visitors who make the rare journey into this beautiful land are very surprise to see such a lovely nature environment and culture country different from others.

To get enter into Bhutan, The Visitors can either come by road through Phuentsholing in the south, or by the Druk air in Paro. All the guests are put up in the standard hotels and lodges that are being approved by the Royal Government of Bhutan. The daily tariff for both the high and low tourists season is set by the Tourism Council of Bhutan. Currently this is $ 250/day. The transportation shall be provided by your tour agent with a very experience guide and driver, all the guides and driver are licensed by the Royal Government of Bhutan.

All Visitors to Bhutan require a visa to enter the country. Visa clearance must be obtained before coming to Bhutan and travel must be booked through a Bhutanese tour operator or international partner.


The currency in Bhutan is the ngultrum and is officially pegged to the Indian rupee. The Indian rupee is acceptable all over the Bhutan except Rs 500 and 1000 currency note. There are few banks in Bhutan where you can get exchange the USD Dollar note with the Bhutanese currency. The big currency USD $ 100 and 50 will get you more rate compare to the small one. (USD $ 20).

There are also some ATMs in Bhutan which accept the foreign card but the best option shall be the traveler’s cheque or cash if you need some additional money.


There are numbers of handicrafts and local shops that produce variety of items in Bhutan. This item includes the hand woven fabrics, carved masks, paintings, thangkas, wooden bowls and woven baskets. You can purchase them at any time you want. Some of the handicrafts they do accept your credit card but some shops you need to pay in cash. In Bhutan the buying and selling antiques is strictly forbidden.

Transportation and Roads

Transportation is arranged depending upon the number of Travelers/group. You may either travel in small car or small buses that accommodate about 17 people. All the vehicles in Bhutan are very comfortable and we provide the best car for the travelers. Regarding the road, the road climbs up ward and downwards with lots of turning around. Therefore some people gets car sick for the first day but adapt to the road rather quickly but most of them enjoy the trip.

Government Holidays and Special Events

Winter Solstice
02 January

Traditional Day of Offering
09 January

Losar, Bhutanese New Year
08, 09 February

Birth Anniversary of his Majesty, the Fifth King
21, 22 & 23 February

Shabdrung Kuchoe, Birth Anniversary of the Shabdrung
15 April

Birthday of the Third King
02 May

Lord Buddha’s Parnirvana
19 May

Birthday of Guru Rinpochhe
12 July

First Sermon of Lord Buddha
05 August

09 October

Descending Day of Lord Buddha
19 November

Birth Anniversary of his Majesty the Fourth King
11 November

National Day of Bhutan
17 December