Places of interest – Wangdiphodrang


Wangduephodrang is located south of Punakha and is the last town on the central highway before central Bhutan. It’s about 3o minutes drive from Punakha. This district is famous for its fine bamboo work, slate and stone carvings.

Places of interest in WANGDUEPHODRANG

Wangdue Dzong

Wangdi Dzong was built by Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal in the year 1638. It sits on the hilltop above the confluence of the Punakha Chu and Tang Chu River. On 24th june, 2012 the Dzong was destroy by the fire.

Phobjika Valley

Phobjika valley is a glacial valley located on the western slopes of the Black Mountain Range at an altitude of 9840 above the sea level. It is also the home of the black necked crane in the winter, which flies from the arid plains of Tibet in the north.

Gantey Goempa

Gantey Goempa is an old monastery, built in the year 1613 located at an altitude of 2900m. Today it serves as a meditation and home for the monks.

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