Places of interest – Trashiyangtse


Trashiyangtse is about 2 hour drive from Trashigang town. The Dzong was established in the late 1990s when the new district was created. Trashiyangtse is famous for making various kinds of wooden containers and bowls

Places of Interest in TRASHIYANGTSE

Chorten kora

The temple was designed and built in the similar style of the Bodnath stupa in Nepal. It is situated on the side of the river below the town area. The festival is held during the second month of lunar calendar (March or April). And these interesting celebration festival celebrated by the people of Trashiyangtse is called as “Kora”.


It is the winter home to the Black-necked cranes, which fly from the Tibet. It will take about one hour to reach from Chorten Kora by walk.