Bhutan at a glance

Bhutan at a Glance

Bhutan is a small Kingdom located in Eastern Himalayas wedge between two giant neighbors namely India and China. The form of Government is Democratic Constitutional Monarchy. The territory of Bhutan consists of 20 Dzongkhags or Districts. The total Area of Bhutan is 38,394 Sq Km. The capital is Thimphu. The population is little over seven hundred thousand. The time is six hours ahead of GMT and half an hour ahead of Indian Standard Time. The Environment is protected by law and Bhutan is to maintain, a minimum of sixty percent of total land under forest cover for all time.

Head of State: His Majesty the Druk Gyalpo
Head of Government: The Prime Minister
Head of Monk Body: His Holiness the Je Khenpo
Flag of Bhutan

The National Flag

The National flag is rectangular in shape. It is diagonally divided into two parts with white dragon in the middle. The upper yellow half symbolizes the secular tradition. It personifies His Majesty the King. The lower orange half signifies the flourishing of the Buddhist teachings. The dragon symbolizes the name of the Kingdom and the white colour of dragon for purity and loyalty.

The National Emblem

The emblem is within a circle is made of two crossed-vajras that is placed over a lotus and framed by two dragons. A wish fulfilling jewels is located above them. There are four other jewels inside the circle where the two vajras intersect. It symbolize the spiritual and secular traditions of the Kingdom. The lotus symbolizes purity, the jewel, sovereign power of the people and the dragons, the name of the Kingdom.
The National Emblem
The People

The People

The people are linguistically divided into 3 major groups namely Sharchokpa, Ngalong and Lhotshampa. There are also other smaller groups like Brokpa, Doya, Khengpa, Bumthangpa, Lhayap etc.
The National Day: 17th December
The Supreme Law: The Constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan
The National Language: Dzongkha
The National Flower: Blue Puppy
The National Animal: Takin
The National Sports: Archery
Spiritual Heritage: Buddhism
Takin : Bhutan National Animal
Raven: Bhutan National Bird
Blue Poppy: Bhutan National Flower

The Parliament of Bhutan

It consists of the Druk Gyalpo or King, the National Council and the National Assembly.


Ngultrum (1 USD is roughly about Nu. 63). Ngultrum is pegged with Indian Rupee.


The dress worn by man is called Gho and by woman is called Kera.


1 International airport in Paro and 3 domestic airports located in Bumthang, Trashigang and Gelephu


Bhutan is a small country with tiny population of about 700,000 (2013)


More than 70% of the population depends on agriculture. Bhutan exports timber, electricity, handicraft products, cements etc.