Places of interest – Phuntsholing


The town of phuentsholing in the southwest is one of the entry & exit point for the tourists, Situated directly at the base of the Himalayan foothills. It is a fascinating place where people from different district come and mingle, especially Indian and Bhutanese.

Places of interest in PHUENTSHOLING

Zantho Pelri

The temple is situated in the centre of the phuentsholing town. This small temple represents the heaven or Guru Rinpoche. Inside the temple there are eight manifestations of Guru Rinpoche and painting on the life of Buddha at the ground floor. The floor above contains eight Bodhisattavas and statues of Avalokiteshvara and Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal. On the top floor is the main statue of Amitabha.

Kharbandi Gompa

It is situated at the altitude of 400m. The temple was founded in 1967 by Royal Grand Mother,Ashi Phuntsho Choedron. This beautiful monastery contains painting on the life of Buddha, Statues of Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal and Guru Rinpoche. Today this place had become a famous for the Indian tourists.